I'm sure you will agree that a bat website is an unusual place to direct
people to, for an election campaign.  Well, my thinking is, "I have a 
website, which I can access and edit, so why not save scarce election
funds and use the site for the election".  Also, directing you to this 
site, allows you to know a little more about me.  

Here is a bit of information about me;
My name is Allan Kempert and I’m a candidate for the Bruce-Grey 
Catholic District School Board Trustee position, representing 
Brockton (Ward 34 & 36).  I currently reside in Hanover but have
close ties to the municipality of Brockton as I lived in Walkerton for 
many years.
I worked at Larsen & Shaw for 16 years.  Throughout the years, I held
the positions of Quality Supervisor, Production Shift Supervisor
and Continuous Improvement Coordinator.  I own and operate a 
Bat Pest Control company (BatHouseGuy.com & BatGuy.org).

I'm a convert to the the Catholic Faith, having been received into
the Church back in 1997.  I have the pleasure of having Fr Luc 
Payette (Chepstow) as my spiritual Director.

I have a vested interest in how our Catholic Schools are run as I 
have 2 boys in the Catholic Education system.  Being a Christ centered
education system, I have seen and foresee some unique challenges.   
I will defend the right for Catholic Schools to be publicly funded.  I will 
resist attempts to amalgamate the Public Schools with the Catholic 

I believe that my 25 years of experience in Manufacturing can be an 
asset to the Catholic Board.  Experience that includes, implementing 
Management Systems, Internal Auditing, Disciplined Problem Solving 
and Team Building. Our Catholic Board would benefit immensely by 
implementing Disciplines Problem Solving, in order to determine root
causes and apply effective corrective actions to issues at hand.  Issues
such as; 
1 - why 43% of our Grade 6 students are not meeting the Provincial
Standard for math scores.
2 - why individual Education Plans have not been implemented,
for some students, after a 4 year wait.

If elected, one of my first motions will be to improve transparency and
accountability, within the Board.  This can be achieved by recording
how Trustees vote on motions.  The Bruce-Grey Board would be only
the 2nd Catholic Board in all of Ontario that does this.

In closing, I believe that a Catholic School Trustee position is just as
important as a Municipal Leader.  This is because a Catholic School
Trustee is engaged in the Christian formation of our children, who
will become the next Municipal Leaders. 

God Bless 

Allan Kempert - 519-506-2287